Highlights of Heritage Day 2013

Mari Ann Kind Jackson and Gordon Strand presented their program about the Nordic American Voices Oral History Initiative is an ambitious effort to collect, preserve, and share the life histories of Nordic immigrants and their descendants in the Pacific Northwest.

Nordic American Voices builds upon the expertise gained in the 1999–2000 Vanishing Generation Project, when 123 interviews were recorded by more than 40 volunteers. In 2001 the Museum, together with project partners the Ballard Historical Society and the Swedish Finn Historical Society, published the 289-page book Voices of Ballard: Immigrant Stories from the Vanishing Generation, which contained narrative renditions of over 100 interview transcripts. The first edition sold out quickly and is currently out of print. One early goal of the Nordic American Voices project was to publish a new, expanded edition of the popular book.

Now the new edition has been published and is available for purchase in the Museum Gift Shop.