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Malstrom Award winner for 2012 – “Maltby & Neighbors”

ElsieMann2013DSCF1694thmbAfter careful review of each impressive project, we have selected a winner that we feel best meets each of the criteria of new or unique information, interpretation and/or discoveries; contributing to the preservation and/or interpretation of Snohomish County; use of Best Practices; effective collaboration with other community organizations; and creative use of resources.  Though each of the nominees had impressive projects, we have selected Maltby and Neighbors by Elsie L Mann.  This work not only met all of the criteria, but it also created a lasting legacy for Snohomish County that will be around for many generations.   It demonstrated an impressive amount of research, hard work, and collaboration.

Judges:  Cristy Lake and Jessie Cunningham Northwest Railway Museum Snoqualmie Washington


Ma;strom Award for 2012 - the publication "Maltby and Neighbors" by historian Elsie Mann.

Malstrom Award for 2012 – the publication “Maltby and Neighbors” by Historian Elsie Mann.

“Maltby and Neighbors” is a book documenting the history of the previously undocumented areas in South-Central Snohomish County, including the small communities of Maltby, Grace, Cathcart, and Clearview  as well as settlements at Paradise, Crystal, Echo and Lost Lakes.  The author is local historian, Elsie Mann.  Several decades of research came together in this work published in 2012.

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