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Recipients of the 2010 Malstrom Award and Commendations

For details on the projects, see the web page describing each nominee —-

The Malstrom Award winner for 2010 -  Snohomish County Digital Map Overlay Project [Digital Mapping Project] Sponsor: Granite Falls Historical Society.  Fred Cruger, Project Director.  Carolyn Davisson, President

From The Malstrom Award Judging Committee —- The Snohomish County Digital Map Overlay Project was exceptionally executed by the grass roots effort of an all volunteer organization.  The commendable collaboration between numerous Snohomish County heritage organizations and the United States Forest Service strengthened the impact and broadened the project’s scope county wide, acting as a shared resource among multiple organizations. Beyond Snohomish County, the presentation at AASLH provides a valuable model for heritage organizations nation wide. This is a phenomenal, technological, multi-layered research resource that aids Snohomish County with the preservation and accessibility of valuable information embedded in vintage maps.  It also stands as an impressive model for heritage organizations throughout the nation.

Publications Commendation
The winner of the Publications Commendation is “Etched In Stone – Dedicated to the Young Men of Edmonds School District 15 Who Lost Their Lives to War”, Betty Lou Gaeng
, Sno-Isle Genealogical Society.

From The Malstrom Award Judging Committee – This publication is a history of the memorial monument located at the front entrance to the Edmonds Historical Museum as well as a history of the young men whose names are engraved in the monument.  This is a unique historical and genealogical project and a fitting tribute of respect and remembrance for the young men of WWI and WWII, neighbors, classmates, friends and family.  The publication is a valuable historical and genealogical tool and adds layers of understanding to the granite monument by honoring and helping us to remember the sacrifices of the men who should never be forgotten.

Projects Commendation

Stillaguamish Valley Welcome Center

Stillaguamish Valley Welcome Center located at the Stillaguamish Valley Pioneer Museum

The winner of the Projects Commendation is the Welcome Center featuring the Stillaguamish Valley Watershed 1910, Stillaguamish Valley Pioneer Association.

From The Malstrom Award Judging Committee —  The project is an outdoor exhibit that showcases the Stillaguamish River Valley Watershed.  It consists of a hand-carved, hand painted, multidimensional map and includes a carved log open building specifically built to house the glass covered map, making it continually accessible to the public.  The multidimensional map depicts cultural and natural features as they existed at the time of the 1910 census, spanning from the Puget Sound to the Cascade Mountains, and aids in the interpretation of regional history, honoring both Native Americans and the migrating early pioneers.  This stands as a commendable project by a local heritage, grass-roots organization, and a project for other heritage organizations to aspire to.

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Malstrom Award Luncheon Invitations

Malstrom Award Luncheon invitations will be mailed this week but you may download the invitation here.

Our program this year will be “Reading Between the Lines: The Stories Old Buildings Tell Us (click for more info)”

By Michael Herschensohn, Architectural Historian & Preservation Planner.

Click here for pdf invitation form

Humanities Washington Inquiring Minds

Humanities Washington Inquiring Minds

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