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Women's Legacy Project of Snohomish County


The Women’s Legacy Project of Snohomish County, Washington seeks to honor our foremothers by recording and sharing their personal histories, their ability to adapt to the forces of change and their constant vigilance as stewards of the diverse cultures of our society.

This website is a collection of biographical stories about women’s lives.  Those women included here are from many cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.   They worked in business, industry, government, schools, medicine and the military. Their accomplishments include creation of schools, hospitals, libraries, and churches.  They were often leaders of community organizations that provided social “safety nets ” but they could also be recipients of community services.  And as always, they were central to the invaluable creation of homes and the nurturing of families.

We are happy to announce the availability of our rotating exhibit of the Women’s Legacy Project.  It is a floor standing three panel display featuring some of the new stories about the lives of women of Snohomish County over the century and a half.    It features stories of many Native American women and their descendants as well as those who sought the many improvements in our social and business conditions.

If you are interested in displaying this exhibit in your public space or for your event contact us at the address below and we’ll make arrangements.

Womens Legacy Project Traveling Exhibit

Womens Legacy Project Traveling Exhibit

March is Womens History Month ! Posters (see below) are still available – contact us if you need more.

Womens History Month poster

Womens History Month poster – copies still available!

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