Malstrom Award Winner for 2011 Projects

For those of you who didn’t attend our Snohomish County Heritage Day and Malstrom Award Luncheon, We’d like to announce that the winner of the Malstrom Award for 2011 projects was the publication “Stuck in the Mud – The history of Warm Beach Washington” written by Penny Hutchison Buse.

Here is a summary of the judging statement by Eric Taylor of 4Culture in King County—-

“In my opinion, this impressive publication merits the Malstrom Award, based on the following criteria:

The book provides new or unique historic information, interpretation or discoveries by presenting a comprehensive history of an often-overlooked area of Snohomish County. It contributes to the preservation or interpretation of Snohomish County history by documenting Warm Beach’s significant events and changes over time, as recorded in the public record, and by adding the author’s personal views as asides throughout the text. By preserving the area’s history in one far-reaching volume, the author has created a valuable reference for future researchers. The author has made use of best museum, research or digital practices as evidenced by the book’s extensive bibliography and conscientious attention to illustration credits. The publication demonstrates an effective collaboration with other community organizations by including relevant material from local, regional, state, and international archives. In addition, the partnership with the Stanwood Area Historical Society contributes to the growth of community heritage resources. The author has made creative use of resources by producing a final manuscript that, in all likelihood, far surpasses the scope of the original project. Penny Hutchison Buse has done an outstanding job of weaving together documents, photographs, and recollections into an easily approachable local history that obviously is a labor of love. “Stuck In The Mud” promises to be a valuable and treasured Snohomish County historical resource for years to come.”

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