Help to preserve our family and community histories !

Preservation Week April 24th – 30th – Help to preserve our family and community histories – Visit Your Local History Museum or Genealogical Society!

Our community and family photo collections and stories are very valuable and they are being lost to those who might some day appreciate them.  Therefore – this week we encourage you to think about how to celebrate your family and community history.  Some ways include:

—–Sit the family down for a quiet interview focusing on a member of your family. Let them remember life when they were young, the things they did for fun, how world events affected them, favorite stories and favorite rants. You’ll learn more than you think!  If you are a senior in your family, consider ways to share your own past and do identify your family photographs.

—–Consider hosting a neighborhood meeting to share life experiences. Those not born and raised in your community have a lot to offer and their stories will add to the most common American experience today, that of moving, arriving, beginning in a new place.

—–Support efforts to keep funding for historic preservation.

—–Visit or Volunteer at your Local Historical Society – keep our museums open, help with exhibits, programs or recordkeeping  –  Your Local Heritage Group Needs You !

There is a list of local heritage groups on the right side bar of our website – – each has many wonderful things to offer.  See Also Louise Lindgren’s wonderful discovery story of Index WA’s lost past!

For those of us involved in their family or community histories already – visit your neighboring group to listen and learn and learn and maybe collaborate.

For some important statistics on our local collections, click here!

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