Nominations for the 2012 Malstrom Award

"Maltby And Neighbors" new local history of South Snohomish County

Five great nominations were received for the 2012 Malstrom Award.  The award will be announced and presented on March 23th at the Heritage Day & Malstrom Award Luncheon.


Project Name:  “Maltby and Neighbors”, a book documenting the history of the previously undocumented areas in South-Central Snohomish County, including the small communities of Maltby, Grace, Cathcart, and Clearview  as well as settlements at Paradise, Crystal, Echo and Lost Lakes.  The author is local historian, Elsie Mann.  Several decades of research came together in this work published in 2012.


Howard S. Wright HouseProject Name:  “The Howard S. Wright House Restoration”, located at 2112 Rucker, Everett.   Everett resident and past Historic Everett president William Belshaw purchased the rundown historically important American Foursquare Howard S. Wright home in Everett in 2006.  The  Howard S. Wright home was in virtual tear-down status and the property was to be replaced with a 24-unit development when Mr. Belshaw stepped in and saved the house.    With the help of  Historic Everett one of the most historically significant and intact blocks on Everett’s Rucker Avenue was preserved.  The top to bottom restoration of the structure was completed in 2012.


Historic Everett's 2013 Calendar "Saloons & Brothels"Project Name:  “Saloons & Brothels of Days (and Nights) Gone By”, a 2013 calendar produced by Historic Everett.  Historic Everett has published calendars for ten years, generally focusing on the houses, buildings and architects in Everett’s past.   Last year Historic Everett’s directors chose to examine the city’s past night life side.  Designer Diane Brooks searched extensively for these images.  Sources were Everett Community College, the Museum of History and Industry and Everett Public Library.



Stillaguamish Valley Pioneers Assn. 100 Year AnniversaryProject Name:  “Stillaguamish Valley Pioneer’s 100 Years”, a publication by the Stillaguamish Valley Pioneer Association.  The Pioneer Association came into being in 1912 as five or six men stood on a street corner in Arlington and decided to start having picnics with other pioneer families.  The book chronicles the organization’s history, including museum structures, as well as historical highlights of Stillaguamish Valley communities, businesses and industries.


Waistlines & Hemlines exhibitProject Name:  “Waistlines and Hemlines”, a museum exhibit by the Stanwood Area Historical Society.  The exhibit vividly tells the story of the women who lived in the Stanwood area during the first seventy years of the twentieth century.  Waistlines and Hemlines features an extensive collection of fashionable ladies’ clothing that serves to illuminate women’s history from 1900 through 1970.  These are the clothes women saved and treasured.  Docents enhanced the fashions by weaving into the exhibit historical anecdotes, photographs from each decade, newspaper articles and ads of the day, period objects and an interpretive synopsis of each era covered.