Snohomish County Sesquicentennial

From: Wendy Becker
Date: Wed, Oct 20, 2010 at 4:21 PM
Subject: Celebrate Snohomish County’s 150th Birthday

Fertile farmland, easy water access and abundant forests attracted settlers, who clustered in the Lowell, Monroe, Stanwood and Edmonds areas in the mid 1800s. When Washington became a state in 1889, Snohomish was the county’s most well-developed cultural and political center. As the population grew, local settlers petitioned the territorial legislature to create a separate
county. On *January 14, 1861*, that petition was granted.
* Say hello to Snohomish County! *
150 years later – Snohomish County is still a cultural and political center. Aerospace, biotech and clean energy lure more investment – and a rich cultural heritage gives us a reason to celebrate. *So celebrate we will!*
Snohomish County’s commemoration of its 150th birthday merits countywide
recognition. Here are some ideas to get you involved throughout 2011.
*Heritage Organizations:

· A history exhibit featuring a unique time in Snohomish County’s history
· A lecture series featuring a talk on local pioneer leaders
· A brownbag discussion on the history of the interurban trail
· Historic walking tour of downtown. Choose a city – What has changed?
What has stayed the same?

· Restaurants – create a signature meal or cocktail commemorating our 150th Birthday.
· Retail – a window display featuring an era in women’s fashions during the past 150 years.
· Coffeehouses – have a poetry night featuring the great poets of the ‘60s.
· Tribes – a weekend birthday package and a Native American commemorative.
· Everybody – Promote our 150th Birthday on a business marquee or sponsor a local event banner placement

*Arts Organizations:
· A landscape exhibit featuring photography from 50 years ago and what the landscape looks like today
· A theater reenactment of the Taking of the County seat.
· Book Clubs – choose a title written by Snohomish County historians or authors
· An artist-designed 150 year commemorative display

*Cities & Civic Groups:
· Organize a time capsule event
· Add 150th birthday events to billings and newsletters
· Promote SnoCo150 with banners
· Be an event sponsor
· Host a neighborhood potluck celebrating the County’s birthday on *January 14, 2010*
· Find and feature history articles for neighborhood newsletters
Snohomish County Historic Preservation Commission can provide participating groups with:
· A poster template with the Sesquicentennial Banner
· A 150th birthday logo to publicize your efforts
· A listing on website (under construction)
· A posting on the calendar of events (under construction
Find out more – contact Wendy Becker at wendy.becker at

Wendy Becker
Economic and Cultural Development Officer
Snohomish County
3000 Rockefeller Avenue MS 411
Everett, WA 98201